There is a lot to consider when it comes to selling a home in Toronto. Likely you will be thinking of many things such as: When is a good time to sell, What is my home worth, What is the right list price, How do I prepare my home to be ready to show to  prospective Buyers, How should the home be marketed , what are my rights and obligations,  How to get top price for my home!

Let us guide you through the steps!
We will:
  1. Help you understand the Selling process and discuss whether Buying or Selling first best suits your needs.
  2. Establish an accurate estimate of value for your home, and help you choose a pricing strategy based on your current schedule, financial situation and any future plans.
  3.  Now that we have an effective listing price- we can then outline a strategic marketing plan- including both traditional and internet based concepts.
  4. Help you prepare your home by providing staging recommendations as well as suggest and implement any minor repairs/upgrades through our network of professionals. A Seller home pre-inspection is often a great way of determining this. Consider allowing 14-30 days to prepare your home- this allows for overall prep- include staging, pictures for marketing/MLS, paperwork completion etc.
  5. After arriving at the right price- let’s move forward to outline an effective marketing strategy to include both traditional and internet related concepts.
  6. With years of real estate sales experience (in differing markets) we will negotiate an excellent price and terms on your home sale.
                                                                           Questions…..Ideas…….Thinking of Moving?
Contact us today for a complementary home evaluation. We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for real estate with you!